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Rep. John Lawrence Virtual Fundraiser

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The Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association is hosting a virtual fundraiser for Rep. John Lawrence

  • Rep. Lawrence is a senior Republican and is the Prime Sponsor on HB2267 - otherwise known as the delegation bill

  • He also sits on the professional licensure committee which HB2267 needs to be brought to the floor from

  • Rep. Lawrence understands the benefits of chiropractic care, especially the cost savings and opioid prevention when patients see chiropractors. 

    • Rep. Lawrence is very fiscally responsible and has always liked  the cost savings that chiropractic is shown to have vs. other treatments for musculoskeletal conditions. 

    • He is also well aware of how chiropractic is the answer to the opioid epidemic. 

    • He jumped on board to support chiropractic delegation as he understands the benefits patients receive when they are able to receive both passive and active care, and understood the burden the loss of the ability to delegate put on chiropractic offices. 

  • He is well educated in the benefits of chiropractic, particularly the cost savings and opioid prevention. 

  • He has a vast knowledge of how the loss of our ability to delegate to our staff is impacting patient care in a negative way and has also caused a loss of jobs in our offices as well

List of Events!

  • Happy Hour - bring your favorite drink
  • Chiropractic Trivia
  • Q&A with Lawrence 
  • Raffles and MORE!

Suggested Donation Amounts: 

$50 - Chiropractic Ally
$100 - Chiropractic Activist
$250 - Chiropractic Advocate
$500 - Chiropractic Champion
$1000 - Chiropractic Hero 

Goal Amount to raise: $5000

Donor Statement: ALL DONATIONS MUST COME FROM PERSONAL FUNDS. Money cannot come from business or corporate accounts. This includes online payments using credit cards.


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